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Everything you need to create your NFTs and web 3.0 businesses

NeFeTok is the ideal platform to create NFTs in a simple and uncomplicated way. You don’t need to know the blockchain or cryptocurrency world.

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We take care of all the technical and complex part of blockchain like smart contract development, wallet creation, network selection, minting, transfers, cryptoasset management & payment settlements.

Easy integration with any kind of system (Web 2.0, Ecommerce, ERP, CMS…) Empower your community with the thousand options that this technology offers.

Use our NFTs for anything you want

Art and photography

Create NFTs of your artwork and market them as you like

Fans, Collectibles and Events

Give your fans a voice! Create collectibles for your community, increase their engagement, use NFTs as tickets to your events.

Gaming and Metaverse

Create NFTs that can be used inside video games or allow participation in Metaverses such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox, etc.

Intellectual Property

Use NFTS to protect the authorship and rights of your designs and creations. It is a simple, fast and cheaper process than traditional property registrations.

and much more... tell us what you want to launch!

This is what our customers say...

“Creating an NFT was an idea that I had been kicking around in my head for about a year. I was interested in seeing this revolution from up close.

But the usual marketplaces were not very exclusive sites for me and complicated for those of us who are not native to the crypto world. 

With NeFeTok, now I have my own NFTs sale gallery, much more exclusive, and I control my work without marketplaces. It is inside my website and there my collectors can buy my NFTs in a simple way. They can pay as they want, either card or crypto, and even the wallet is created for those who don’t have it. Simplicity and control was what I was looking for. “



How you can use NeFeTok:

Sell your NFTs from your website.

We set up a gallery to sell NFTs directly on your website and give you a platform to mine and transfer NFTs on various blockchains in a very simple way. With no technical knowledge, you will have everything you need to sell your NFTs from a branded and customized gallery.

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Create your own NFT solution with APIs

From our APIs we provide you with access to all the necessary elements to create your own NFT experience. Mint, transfer, select blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon? Other? Control gas fees, generate wallets, royalties…everything.

Plataforma NeFeToK

Protect your digital assets and designs

NeFeTok provides a ready-to-use solution for you to use NFT technology for the protection of your digital assets, designs or intellectual property.

Discover the NFT solution that powerful law firms are already using for intellectual property protection.

Plataforma NeFeToK

Are you thinking to launch an NFT collection?

Want to get involved in the metaverse?

Big brands and renowned artists already trust us:


Mint your NFTs in all this different Blockchains:

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