Create NFTs that motivate

NFTs for artists

Promote your content in a completely different way. Monetize your artwork, music, videos… in a much fairer and safer way.

Get your most exclusive content to your community in a simple way. Make them the first to have access and the right to purchase your best works.

Create new digital experiences and get a new channel to connect with your fans and collectors. Use NFTs to explain the whole story behind one of your creations.

You can associate files only accessible to the owners of the NFT, be the first to see and listen to your works…

Thinking about the metaverse, nfts or web 3.0 is not always easy. And knowing how to launch these new business opportunities is equally challenging. But not for our experienced team with a million of ideas in our heads that we know how to put into action.

Nefetok - art
Banksy - art

NFTs for Brands

NFTs is how brands enter the metaverse and can create web 3.0 businesses.

Digital natives interact with brands in both the physical and digital worlds. The Metaverse is the next step in that relationship and NFTs are the technology that accelerates the creation of business models in virtual worlds. With them, brands can captivate their users in ways that have never been possible before.

NFTs to auctioned by Coca-Cola in 2021

Get your launches, promotions and more exclusive content to your community in a new, more inclusive way without losing control. That’s what NFTs are for. Create new experiences to empower your community and explore new digital business models that open new business opportunities.

The most innovative brands are already exploring new digital experiences to connect with their fans and customers. Start using NFTs technology and don’t be left behind in discovering all that this new digital universe can offer your brand.

There are many new experiences to create… associate content only accessible to NFT owners, make “digital twins” linking the digital asset with the physical one, gamify privileges to see your promotions, link them with influencers, etc. 

NFT created by Pringles

NFTs for Influencers

Increase your community and fan engagement with your own gallery selling NFTs

Create different collectibles for your community, whether they are unique or limited

You can even award badges to reward the most deserving fans.

Use NFTs as an engagement and promotional tool. Give your fans access to exclusive content, be it music, videos, images. You can even give them discounts or promotional codes in an NFT format. Create new experiences and empower your most loyal followers.

NFTs for Gaming

Create your own Marketplace specialized in NFTs for gaming.

Empower your community of players through digital assets that they can feel ownership of beyond the game. Use NFTs as rewards and achievements that are worth playing for. Explore the use of NFTs for “Play-To-Earn” or as collectibles or simply as “just for fun”. 

Axie Infinity is a popular NFT game that uses "Play to earn"
Gaming event

If you are a publisher, influencer, agency or website specialized in gaming you should explore how NFTs can empower your business and to get the most out of this technology. Your players have already started to be interested in the NFT phenomenon, it’s time not to be left behind! Let’s play!

With NeFeTok you can start creating new models based on NFTs to impact new generations of players in a new environment.

NFTs for Events

Use NFTs as a tool to promote your events.

NFTs can be used as tickets, either general or exclusive. The great novelty is all that they can hide and the control they give you. They can be sold, auctioned, give exclusive privileges and all this without losing control in their possible resale.

NFTs are unique identifiers. Use them to create unique experiences. With them, you can offer your community priority access, access to exclusive content that has been generated during the event, relive moments of the event and even give them access to promotions. There are a thousand and one possibilities.

You can also use this NFT as a new digital channel to connect with your community and offer exclusive experiences, even after the event.

NFTs as single tickets for events
Interact with your fans
Explore events in the metaverse
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