Create your own virtual space.

Build your own headquarters in the metaverse, we provide 3D architects to create a custom space with all kinds of functionalities.

metaverso - nefetok

Sell your products from the metaverse.

We help you to organize virtual events, generate new sales channels and gamify your marketing campaigns with NFTs.

comprar en el metaverso

Redirect users to your 3D web environment.

Hold events, promote and sell your products from your own tailor made virtual environment, accessible from web browser to reach the maximum number of people.

entorno web 3D

Immersive VR experiences

Create your own virtual reality space, do product demonstrations and interact with your customers at another level, compatible with Oculus Quest.

metaverso - nefetok

Enter the metaverse

Position yourself in consolidated virtual environments like Decentraland or TheSandbox, connect your NFTs with a growing community within the metaverse.

We provide you with the best land purchase and rental prices, our 3D architects will design you a custom environment with the functionalities you want.

nft metaverso
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