Consensus 2022 in Austin


Consensus 2022 is a related Blockchain technology trade show that took place in Austin, Texas last week. Even though the cryptocurrency and traditional markets are underperforming and coins and stocks continue to plummet, there were still 17,000 people in attendance at Consensus 2022.

This is because even though the whole cryptocurrency market is plummeting, people who are heavily invested in cryptocurrencies know that this is the market cycle. They are more interested in the technology and how it can be applied to our society, rather than focusing on the prices of different coins. This was also reiterated by the founder of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, who was a speaker at this event. He said that this is a perfect time to dilute and push away projects that are not really looking to innovate with the technology and are more interested in benefiting financially. He believes deeply in Blockchain technology and even mentioned that as of today he barely uses a bank account, he lives almost 100% only with cryptocurrencies.

En Vottun estuvimos presentes en este evento y lo pasamos muy bien conociendo a más gente que está interesada en el mundo de las criptomonedas y también pudimos ver nuevas tecnologías de vanguardia que veremos pronto en nuestra sociedad y que están construidas sobre la tecnología Blockchain. 

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