How physical meetings are creating community in the world of NFTs

nfts festivales

Many NFT companies are starting to host events where their collectors and communities can come together and experience art in the physical world. These companies are trying to bridge the physical and digital worlds to bring their communities closer together.

NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that demonstrate digital ownership of an asset registered on the blockchain.

There are many different Blockchain networks, such as the Ethereum Blockchain network and the Solana network. Many Web3 companies that are in the world of NFTs are starting to organize physical activations and meetups for their communities.

For example, last month at Coachella the music festival that also made headlines earlier this year when they launched exclusive NFTs that granted lifetime entry to the festival and also included different benefits, such as private transportation to the festival each year and many other benefits. Well, at this year’s festival, Vault721, a full service Web3 agency, organized a weekend full of NFTs at a resort near the festival where there were physical airdrops with drones and there was also an “Ether Egg Hunt” where there were various bounties of NFTs.

All the sponsors of the event were Blockchain based companies and especially NFT companies who are interested and looking to bridge the digital and physical with community meetups. This is the new form of marketing for NFT companies who want to bring crypto collectors together and create a stronger, united and like-minded community.

NFTs are becoming part of mainstream culture and as a result, we are starting to see more and more events like the ones mentioned above to bring digital art and communities together in real life, to bring like-minded people together and also allow collectors to network and establish new relationships in person, rather than just online.

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