LimeWire relaunches as NFT marketplace

LimeWire se relanza como mercado NFT

LimeWire is back. LimeWire was once a peer-to-peer file sharing service and is now relaunched as an NFT marketplace focused on music, art and entertainment in general. A year ago, Austrian brothers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr bought the intellectual property rights to LimeWire and decided to completely revamp it and turn it into an NFT marketplace.

LimeWire is a very nostalgic name in social media, everyone relates the name to music and the two brothers saw a great opportunity to use this memory of music and turn LimeWire into a place where users and customers can purchase music and digital art that is unique to the buyer.

This is great news because LimeWire was shut down in court in 2010 and everyone thought the brand and company was long gone. However, it is a big surprise and the two brothers assure that the marketplace is really going to be music oriented, which differentiates it from its competitors like OpenSea or Magic Eden.

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