Mastercard enables NFT direct payment options for marketplace operators

nfl mastercard

Payments giant Mastercard has announced that they will begin enabling NFT trading for a number of crypto-ecosystem platforms such as the “gas-free” Immutable X, Candy Digital, metaverse world The Sandbox and more.

They are now working with other exchanges to allow users to buy NFT using a Mastercard account. This is a big step towards mass adoption because not everyone knows how to transfer their money to a cryptocurrency exchange, then exchange this money into their digital wallet and then be able to buy NFT. There is still a lot of financial illiteracy regarding cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Both Mastercard and regular users will be able to benefit from this partnership because it will also make the process of purchasing an NFT easier, ultimately leading to mass adoption and making Web3, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DAOs and Blockchain technology more accepted in our society.

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