Meta develops its own wallet for the Metaverse

meta metaverso

Social media giant Meta is working on a wallet for the Metaverse, as the company is expanding its NFTs trial and launching new features for creators on Facebook and Instagram with NFTs. 

Meta has also announced that it is expanding how its creators can earn money on Facebook and Instagram and that they are going to stop charging a fee for subscriptions, paid online events and Bages until January 1, 2024.

They are trying to get more people to use their social media, and let people earn more money so they can gather a bigger crowd and once they will launch their own metaverse they will be able to direct everyone to their new Metaverse. 

In addition, most Instagram users will be able to try out the latest features released for users that allow you to try out how to preview your digital collectibles and have the ability to share them via Facebook and Instagram

Finally, soon all of the social networking apps we access on our phone will have the ability for users to share their digital assets online with their friends. Once all major companies incorporate NFTs, it shows how the space is being legitimized.

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