Metaverse is the best place for architects

arquitectura en el metaverso

Blockchain has evolved enormously in the last few years. Every day we see large companies that have been around long before it existed incorporating and adding Blockchain to their businesses. For example, Facebook and Instagram are starting to test the use of NFTs for their apps, many clothing brands have started using NFTs to pair with limited edition clothing or accessories, and finally many companies are starting to accept cryptocurrency payments to buy products or pay for services.

One of the latest trends in the Blockchain is the metaverse. The metaverse is a fusion of the digital world and the physical world, there are many different platforms such as Sandbox, Decentraland and Mirandus where individuals can interact in many different ways. In a sense, they can do everything that can be done in the physical world but represented in the digital world.

Indeed, just as in the physical world people have to accumulate skills to have a profession, the same is true in the metaverse. In this sense, for the metaverse to grow, users need to establish a plethora of social and cultural interactions within the burgeoning universe of the Web3.

One of the professions with the most freedom in the metaverse are architects. In the metaverse, architects have no development limitations and have the freedom to design a building with any architectural style combining it with any setting and landscape. Furthermore, while physical construction is really laborious, costly and time-consuming, this is not the case in the digital world, real-world buildings can also be accurately reproduced in the metaverse.

With the metaverse the opportunities are endless and even the sky is not the limit, because even that can be edited. All human problems in the real world can be improved in the metaverse, this is where the future is taking us!

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