NFL Rivals - The new NFT American soccer game

nfl rival - nefetok

The NFL (National Football League) is now getting into Blockchain gaming through a partnership with the gaming technology studio Mythical Games, the project they are launching is called ‘NFL Rivals’, it is a game in which they will launch multiple NFTs and each owner will be able to participate in the game to be launched next year.

In ‘NFL Rivals’ fans will compete against each other, each one will play from the perspective of the GM (General Manager) and will build their own team based on the player’s NFT they own.

In addition to owning this NFT, owners will also have access to multiple perks such as attending different events, receiving in-game rewards and receiving other features. These NFT sets that also have different utilities outside of just owning the NFTs bring much more value than the NFT itself. That’s why these physical perks that come with owning the NFTs are so valuable because they add so much more value to the NFTs, the community and the collection.

Although these NFTs will not go on sale until early 2023, the anticipation around them is already growing and it is expected to be a great collection when it goes on sale.

NFT sets that also include real-life utilities along with owning the NFT are the best type of collections because they still have real-world value. As the NFT world continues to mature, we will see more of these types of projects emerge.

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