NFT 2.0: The next generation of NFTs

nft 2.0 - nefetok

NFTs are fast becoming mainstream and are pushing towards mass adoption, however, before this happens, NFTs need to become more reliable and streamlined.

The main problem with NFTs is that they are difficult to use and so as the market continues to innovate, it will not be long before an NFT 2.0 is created where the technology will be more easily accessible to the general public and the underlying proposition of NFTs will be more reliable and transparent.

In comparison, CLS seems to be advancing in the same way that email once did. In the 1990s companies had to hire specialists to encrypt emails for them, many agencies were set up that were able to encrypt emails for large companies and therefore had a lot of leverage due to the information gap that existed between them and the general public, until technological advances occurred and the general public became informed around this issue, so they no longer needed the help of these agencies.

So, with NFTs, many companies are looking for experts to educate them about Web3 and all the latest advances in Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a really complicated topic that not all people can handle. Therefore, it is not too late for companies to start hiring experts to manage and guide their Web3 business expansions.

The current version of NFTs is not adapted to the general public. There is still a lot of volatility related to cryptocurrencies that separates true enthusiasts from Blockchain projects.

Change in the NFTs space is inevitable for mass adoption to happen, this has major implications whether you are building in the space, a potential user or an investor. This space is going to grow fast and evolve quickly. You have to keep an eye on everything.

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