NFTs: Capacitar a los artistas y a las organizaciones benéficas para abrazar el movimiento digital

nfts + organizaciones benéficas

Charities and non-profit organizations are beginning to explore and maximize their value proposition by using NFTs for charitable donations. NFTs are commonly known for being assets that can be bought and resold for profit. However, they also have the potential to be incredible causes beyond digital fundraising. For example, in the last 6 months communities have launched NFTs to raise money to support causes such as cancer, human trafficking and the war in Ukraine. NFTs could be seen as a tool for charities to reach new audiences through technology.

We also have to consider, that thanks to the attractiveness of these cryptoassets, many brands, companies and organizations can gain exposure and funding through the use of NFTs. Now NGOs have a good opportunity to showcase the causes they stand for. For example, if they support breast cancer, they can buy an NFT that supports breast cancer, thus giving money to the cause and they can also display this NFT on social media to show what they stand for.

In addition, NFTs also have many utilities in communities, such as NFT-based utilities are also incredibly powerful tools to help communities track members and reward contributions with perks and access to exclusive opportunities and services beyond the distribution of a digital image.

Ultimately, NFTs are a way to become more connected and create avenues for digital creators and charities to raise money and simplify the way we live in a society.

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