NFTs "Hall of Fame" in Ukraine

NFTs en Ucrania

The Ukrainian government has created a virtual gallery of artwork based on the NFT that is not for sale, but preserved as an expression of gratitude to those helping Ukraine during the war. This is similar to how paintings were presented to royal families and famous people in the past.

The first person to enter this hall of fame is the infamous tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. His decision to provide the SpaceX Starlink Internet satellite to help Ukraine during the Russian invasion is said to be a major boost to the country’s military. Elon Musk’s decision was altruistic and has helped Ukraine turn the war in its favor. 

The virtual hall of fame is hosted on the War Museum platform being operated by the Kuna exchange, while the ultimate beneficiary of all funds is the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. 

The salon will feature all supporters, those who have given voice to the ongoing war, their services and their follow up to help Ukraine in the war. 

Finally, the Ukrainian government urges the global cryptocurrency community and digital artists to “help Ukraine with” NFTs, asking donors to “not leave us alone with the enemy.” The Ministry of Digital Transformation, which has previously established a platform for crypto donations to fund the nation’s war effort, is also accepting bids for NFTs previously donated by the crypto community through its OpenSea account.

Ukraine is turning to the power of technology and, in this case, cryptocurrencies and NFTs for more funding to win the war against Russia.

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