NFTs Soulbound

Ethereum founder Vitalik announced on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that they are testing a new type of NFT which is called Soulbound NFT. Basically, this type of NFT makes it so that it cannot be sold or transferred from one wallet to another, it is tied to the wallet (soul) of the holder.

These NFTs can be a signal not to show who has the most money to be able to buy that NFT but that you get that NFT because you have been able to complete a long and tedious task, this can be compared to video games sometimes.

An example of this is a project called POAP, “the proof of attendance protocol”. This is an NFT that proves that the owner has personally participated in an event. This type of NFT cannot be bought or resold, it is just a token showing that the holder was at that event.

At Vottun, we are starting to create custom POAP collections for anyone to create. These can be seen as a badge that gives the holder the status and privilege of saying they were able to acquire that NFT “personally”.

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