Robinhood to create a new Web3 cryptocurrency wallet


Robinhood, the famous stock and cryptocurrency trading app. It is one of the most famous trading apps out there and wants to help the Web3 world make the leap into the mainstream. They are planning to develop and create a cryptocurrency wallet that will allow customers to access NFT markets, DEX (decentralized exchanges) and exchange tokens by the end of 2022. The wallet will have its own wallet that can be accessed without having to open the Robinhood app.

This is really exciting because Robinhood is a really famous company that a lot of people use to buy cryptocurrencies, but also stocks, so the reach that the app has to promote Web3 is massive. Web3 is imminent and the big companies trying to promote it are just educating more people about what Web3 is and how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are in the middle of it.

Robinhood is also integrating Robinhood with the Bitcoin Lightning network for faster transactions and lower fees, which would also drive a lot more people to the app and thus drive more people to Web3.

Web3 is the future and the fact that companies are pushing towards Web3 adoption is really positive because this will make the general population also want to adopt Web3 because of the many advantages it brings to society.

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