The Metaverse Standards Forum

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Major technology companies are joining forces to foster the creation of metaverse standards. Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony and 33 other technology companies have formed a group to create the infrastructure for an interconnected metaverse.

Called the Metaverse Standards Forum, this initiative aims to foster an “open metaverse” in which there will be interoperability and cross-platform access between the metaverses of different companies. 

According to its website, the Forum “will not create standards itself, but will coordinate requirements and resources to foster the creation and evolution of standards within the standards organizations working in the relevant domains”, The Metaverse Standards Forum. 

Instead of focusing on creating a universal metaverse it is intended to make a future prediction, and thus define the basic components that developers will have to rely on so that there is a common nomenclature that we can all apply/use. Each object or character in a metaverse will consist of geometry data, textures, features such as weight and mass, behaviors, animations, sounds and much more. If all these data are not standardized, the future will be chaotic and metaverses will be watertight.

In this way, it will be possible to establish a standard that allows or facilitates the interoperability of assets between systems (metaverses), as well as that of avatars and other elements. In this way, the property conferred by the NFTs in these metaverses will not be for only one of them but for all of them. It will even allow to establish bridges between them.

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