The Music NFT Show by NFT Plazas

The Music NFT Show

Two weeks ago NFT Plazas released the first episode of their new podcast called Music NFT Show. In their first episode they collaborated with J. Thorn is an author, musician and podcaster who is very involved in the music industry and the NFTs in that same industry.

In this podcast, J. Thorn talks about a variety of music, news and NFT topics. J. Thorn is a big believer in the music NFT industry and is really “bullish” (meaning upward trend in the price of, in this case, music NFTs) on music NFTs, he owns a Crypto Bat which is a really promising NFT project that was created by Ozzy Osborne a legendary rock star.

Music NFTs are a great innovation that allows young artists to raise extra money by selling their music through the NFT format and thus get additional funding to further their career. Blockchain Brett, is a famous crypto investor and the founder of Palm Tree Crew Crypto, mentioned in the podcast that he believes Music NFTs will be bigger than Crypto Art. Music is widely created, distributed, consumed and a type of social art, this is why we are finding it harder to value these types of NFTs.

J. Thorn also mentions in the podcast that soon there will be an OpenSea for Music NFTs and all collectors will be able to access a generalized marketplace to exchange Music NFTs with each other and easily.

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