NFT calendar

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become increasingly popular in recent years. They have completely transformed digital property and the way we certify what we own in the digital world. New NFT projects are emerging every day, and it is important for people who are already familiar with the world of NFTs and those who want to enter this world to be aware of the most popular NFT initiatives in order to make smart and sensible investments. Manual tracking of NFT projects is a time-consuming process and there are several analysis tools that can be used to make the tracking process better and faster. 

One of them is BitDegree, a website that can be used to find new NFT projects. They keep track of more than 300 different projects on more than 50 networks. This means they have a great overview of the different projects that can be found on different networks. It shows you which projects are gaining traction in the market and why it’s happening, so you can see the features that make collections more popular than others. is also another useful source that people can use because they have a list on their website of the top NFTs projects and you can see information about their total assets, collection value, minimum price, volume and sales.  

Upcoming NFT is another useful tool that allows users to stay up to date on all upcoming NFT projects. This platform informs about new NFT projects, drops, auctions or giveaways. Upcoming NFTs is also a great way to promote your NFT project, and can put you in the spotlight for better deals on promotions even before your project goes live. 

There are many more useful sources for tracking and finding NFT projects, but these are some of the ones that can really help users make smarter investments.

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